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Advent 2016


Dear Families and Friends,

This Advent of 2016 we are reminded by Dorothy Day that Christ lives in each one of us. He is not disguised in the lives of our friends. Our disabilities and gifts are transparent. We continue to seek the light of Christ. We continue to transform those who come to the Bethlehem House community.

You have been a friend to this community for many years. You have been part of and provided for dinners and celebrations with Angela, Colleen, Helen, Kimberlee, Mary and Tom. All who know them are touched by their fidelity, prayers and fun-loving spirit. They are transformed by their sharing God’s love and their individual giftedness. Donors like you have fostered a ministry extending to families, students, future teachers, caregivers and health care providers.

We are very grateful to you. We are determined to continue providing opportunities to see Christ’s light. I write to ask you for financial support. We need your help. Our costs for food, shelter and daily needs, new government requirements and community ministry have sharply increased. While our love is abundant, our poverty grows with these increased costs. The transformation to all in our ministry is unattainable without your support.

This year, we have been blessed to receive a matching grant of up to $25,000. We need you to respond by January 10th. Every gift from $10 to $150 will double the support to continue our ministry. As always, we will appreciate your generosity, in any amount you can give.

Please know that you are remembered in our prayers each evening as signs of God’s love for us.

I wish you peace,

Dolores Wilson


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